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bBrowser: private investigations (Dire Straits)

private investigations

I long thought where to place the material: in the blog or in the section of articles. Usually, I do small notes, arguing: «well, now it is actual, and through time – it is necessary for nobody». And only more serious things – I make out in the form of articles.

And here has reflected … After all, conversation will go about mistakes and inconveniences, and they – through any time – will be eliminated by the developer. I will tell in confidence that after each exit of updating for bBrowser I carefully look through changes, in search of the corrected. To remove, become already unnecessary, my additions and corrections.


But, opening this subject, I show my method of work, the approach to the solution of problems, the views. I.e., I give the tool to the reader. And it – is much more serious, therefore – hold article!


Object of research – bBrowser v.

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